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Become a Master of Arokah – Here’s How!

When most people are faced with Arokah for the first time, they are instantly intrigued by its unique set of shapes, many of which resemble flowers and snowflakes found in nature.

Based on a new mathematical discovery, Arokah is easily accessible to everyone. But before you get started, it’s important to know the rules of Arokah! Thankfully, they’re pretty straightforward.

Inside your Arokah box you’ll find the following:

  • The unique set of 23 Arokah shapes
  • 12 puzzle challenges levels 1-6
  • Three ‘Master Challenges’ – GLOX, XAVO and oKELo
  • A double-sided playing board
  • A welcome guide complete with instructions

This is all you need to become a Master of Arokah.

But before diving straight in, do take some time to become familiar with the Arokah shapes without using the templates. Start by exploring and discovering how they combine together and use your imagination to create your own original patterns. Becoming familiar with the shapes you are dealing with will help you to piece them together in the templates.

Once you feel confident with the shapes, you are ready to begin your journey as a ‘Tyro’ through the six levels of Arokah mastery! A Tyro is a novice or beginner – everyone who is new to Arokah will begin their journey on a level playing field as a Tyro.

The rules are pretty straightforward: all Arokah shapes must be placed symbol side up. All of the shapes, with just one exception, have at least one short side. The short sides are always aligned with the grid lines, shown below (left). The only exception to this rule is the large triangle which has no short sides. It should be placed with each side crossing the grid lines, shown below (right). Make sure that no shapes overlap!

A challenge is complete when all grid lines of the puzzle are covered. It doesn’t matter which order you complete the shapes in, as long as they are completed before you attempt the three Master Challenges.

Only once you have completed the six levels should you move on to attempt a Master Challenge. The Master Challenges are GLOX, XAVO and oKELo, and can only be completed by using all 23 shapes. The oKELo challenge is located on the reverse side of the Arokah playing board. By completing one or more of the Master Challenges you can earn your prestige as a Master of Arokah.

Once you have completed all of the Master Challenges, you’ll become a ‘Doyen’ – the most respected or prominent person in a particular field. Becoming a Doyen is the ultimate goal of any Master of Arokah.

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